Who is your audience? That’s the first question any good voice actor should ask before recording a commercial voice over. Speaking directly to the audience as one of them is the best way to gain trust, and let the audience members know that you can truly solve their problem. Working with the client to hit all of the key words, deliver the tone and the feeling, all with the level of believability that the spot requires is my goal with every commercial recording that I do.

TV and Radio

  1. Sketchers Workwear - TV Ad

    Blue Collar - Deep - Gravelly - Tough

  2. ProCure Radio and TV Ad

    Authoritative - Serious - Full Production

  3. Ikea - 15 Second Radio Ad

    Guy next door - Authentic - Conversational

  4. Fresno Tire - Radio Ad

    Blue Collar - Authoritative - Informational

  5. Russian Hackers - Comedic Radio Ad

    Russian Accent - Funny - Character

  6. US Bank Radio Ad

    Friendly - Casual - Corporate

  7. Optifast - 15 Second Ad

    Calm - Caring - Inspiring


  1. Earthcoast COVID Explainer

    Real Person - Casual - Inforrmative

  2. Nock Out EXT - Product Explainer

    Rugged - Outdoorsman

  3. NIIT Opener

    Corporate - Announcer - Calm

  4. Veil Camo - Product Explainer

    Western - Tough - Blue Collar

  5. Casillero del Diablo - Internet Ad

    Light South American Accent - Real Person - Conversational